Judge Just Delivered Smack Down On Biden


President Joe Biden is going to feel sick to his stomach when a judge in Louisiana decided last Friday that he must at least temporarily maintain Title 42. Would you agree that this makes the choice even more enjoyable? The Trump administration implemented Title 42 as a public health policy to reduce immigration during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The report stated, “Title 42 more precisely permits the expulsion of migrants if they come from somewhere experiencing a communicable disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was scheduled to repeal the decades-old practice on Monday.

Since April 2020, or approximately a month after the pandemic was proclaimed, more than 1.9 million migrants have reportedly been removed from the United States in accordance with the rule.

About twenty attorneys general from states with Republican governors filed a lawsuit asking Summerhays to halt the deactivation of Title 42.

Given the lack of a notice and comment period prior to the order’s cancellation, they contend that the Biden administration’s decision to halt Title 42 enforcement violates the Administrative Procedures Act. They claimed the administration failed to consider the issues its choice would create for the state. According to the Biden administration, Title 42 is a health order, hence the CDC is fully authorized to revoke it.

As immigration officials will no longer have one of their main legal avenues for deporting undocumented immigrants, it is widely anticipated that the lifting of Title 42 will result in a major increase in border crossings. Republicans have warned that if Title 42 is lifted, there will be a people tsunami.

The open-border policy that the extreme left currently has in place, which allows for an absurdly large number of illegal immigrants to merely stroll into the United States, is what they actually want, and they want nothing standing in their way of reaping the full benefits of it. Of course, they want this to happen since it advances their main objective.