Biden’s Monkeypox Advisor Is Obsessed With Satanic Imagery


Biden’s White House National Response Coordinator is now obsessed with pentagrams and other satanic imagery.

Dr. Demetre Daskalakis was given the White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator position on August 2nd after being nominated by Biden. In addition to his current role as the Director of the HIV Prevention Division at the CDC, he has previously held a position at the administration of Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio in the New York City Health Department.

After completing his medical education at New York University Medical School he went on to Harvard Medical School for a residency, fellowship, and an additional master’s. In an interview that took place in 2014 with The Atlantic, he said, “I acquired my bedside demeanor from East Village drag queens.”

Dr. Daskalakis’s constant use of satanic imagery in his private social media accounts is the main problem. Take a look at the following posts:

The National Pulse broke the sinister story and had these disturbing details to report:

I have learned there is light even in the darkest places,” Daskalakis’s tattoo of a pentagram reads. He also has ink showing the corpse of a dead creature, as well as a serpent, a head with three eyes, and what appears to be a Saint-like figure or even a depiction of Jesus Christ across his stomach.

It’s not the only reference to Christ the pair – Daskalakis and MacNeal – make in their social media posts. A series of images from 2012 appear to depict a seance, or Ouija board ceremony with a lit crucifix depicting Jesus Christ, laying on a pentagram on the table.

Another image from the same night shows MacNeal with a producer friend, Bianca Grey, using the Ouija board with the crucifix. Another image, from 2011, shows Daskalakis appearing to mock Christ in the depiction of the Last Supper.

The concerning imagery and association hardly stop there. An October 2011 image shows the White House staffer wearing a pentagram helmet with an upside-down cross above it. MacNeal, in the background, appears to be wearing a crown of thorns.

Biden chose Daskalakis, despite his satanic ties. Biden also made a questionable choice by choosing Samuel Brinton to fill a high-ranking job at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

Brinton previously defended the website “” which was later taken down for illegal prostitution. The site advocated for young men to hook up with wealthy men all across the world. So, essentially the United States Department of Nuclear Energy is completely okay with hiring someone who has an ideology that promotes the prostitution of young men.

Here’s a picture of Brinton during an event: