Joe Biden Has a Memory Problem


We’ve stated it a million times in the previous several years. Joe Biden’s mental health is deteriorating. It only takes a few YouTube videos from even a few years ago to demonstrate this. This president’s mental capabilities is rapidly deteriorating, and as a result, he has become a national security threat.

Biden appears to forget not only that he announced in September that he would deliver 300 million COVID test kits, but also that his generals advised him to leave 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan, as former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer pointed out in a Thursday tweet.

When the President of the United States is recommended by the US military to leave 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and not only refuses to do so, but also says he was never instructed, or when he can’t recall who he told about 300 million COVID test kits, we have a major issue. We’re actually talking about the lives of Americans who have been affected by his memory loss, as Fleischer pointed out. After Biden easily won South Carolina in February, Democrats instantly rallied around him and drove him to the Democratic presidential nomination with one purpose in mind: to defeat Donald Trump.

Kamala Harris was also picked for the vice presidential position because she is a black woman. Everything else about Harris was irrelevant. 

Less than a year into Biden’s catastrophic presidency, the Democratic Party is gradually finding itself in a shambles: a psychologically deteriorating president and a total airhead as number two.

Difficult questions with much more difficult answers. One thing is clear, though. Joe Biden has a difficulty with his memory. And, America, that memory problem has the ability to endanger us all.