J.R. Majewski Throws in the Towel

GOP Candidate Drops Out - They're DONE!


A Republican candidate from Ohio has withdrawn from a congressional race following a backlash. JR Majewski sparked controversy with remarks deemed “insensitive” about the Special Olympics during a podcast, leading to condemnation from party leaders. Initially adamant about continuing his campaign, he has since reversed his decision.

In the previous month, JR Majewski, a contender in the GOP primary for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District, engaged in discussions about online debates during a podcast. He remarked to listeners that “arguing on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics. No matter how good you perform, you’re still f*****g retarded at the end of the day.” This statement understandably drew significant criticism from listeners. On February 26, the Lucas County Republican Party declared its censure of Majewski for his unacceptable remarks.

As expected, his remarks didn’t sit well with all listeners. On February 26, the Lucas County Republican Party made it known that they were censuring Majewski for his offensive comments.

Initially, Majewski stood firm on his decision to continue running despite calls from fellow Republicans for him to step aside. On February 28, he emphasized the significance of remaining in the race and accused his detractors of intimidation and unethical behavior. He criticized what he called “the swamp” and its media supporters, condemning their aggressive efforts to force him out, likely referencing the Lucas County GOP. However, he also offered a conciliatory gesture by publicly apologizing, acknowledging that his comments were inappropriate and commending the Special Olympics initiatives.

It appears that the mounting pressure eventually became overwhelming for him. On March 2, he confirmed his decision to withdraw from the race after all. Despite maintaining confidence in his electoral prospects, other Republicans are less optimistic about his chances.

In the 9th District, the primary challenge is to defeat Representative Marcy Kaptur, who has held the seat since 1982. Majewski previously ran against her in 2022 but was unsuccessful. His campaign was marred by controversy when he falsely claimed to be an Afghanistan combat veteran, despite having spent his sole USAF deployment loading cargo planes in Qatar. While Majewski believes he could have performed better this time around, others are skeptical of his chances.