Haley Claims She’s No Longer Bound to RNC Pledge

Nikki Haley Drops BOMBSHELL Claim!


Former Ambassador Nikki Haley, a Republican, is facing significant challenges from her previous employer, Donald Trump, in the GOP primary. The results of Super Tuesday underscored the inadequacy of her campaign approach. In a recent interview, the former governor of South Carolina asserted her freedom from the pledge she made to the Republican National Committee (RNC).

In a conversation with NBC’s “Meet the Press” on March 3rd, Haley stated that she doesn’t feel compelled to endorse Trump even if he secures the required delegates for primary victory. She emphasized her right to make her own decisions. Furthermore, she remarked that the current iteration of the RNC differs from its past, and expressed ongoing concerns about Trump’s leadership of the country.

Surprisingly, Haley held the position of ambassador to the United Nations under Trump’s first term. Throughout her tenure, she remained aligned with the former president and refrained from criticizing his leadership. In her resignation letter, she even described it as an “honor” to serve under him, which doesn’t exactly suggest apprehension about his capacity to lead the nation.

Haley replied that she doesn’t deliberate over endorsing Trump. She remarked that when Welker brings up the potential for an endorsement, it suggests an assumption of her impending defeat in the primary. The former governor clarified that such thoughts don’t cross her mind. Haley stated that when someone is in a competition, their focus is solely on progress and securing victory.

Despite Welker persistently pressing Haley, the former governor remained steadfast and did not succumb to the pressure. She informed the NBC host that she would respond to the inquiry once they inquire about Trump’s support for her in the event of his loss. 

Earlier, Haley had stated her intention to back the former president, citing her desire to prevent a “President Kamala Harris.” However, on Wednesday, March 6, she formally halted her presidential campaign, extending congratulations to Donald Trump and offering him her best wishes.