Hutchinson: Vaccine Mandates Harden Resistance Among Unvaccinated


GOP Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Sunday argued that vaccine mandates don’t work — and harden resistance.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Hutchinson asserted there’s never been a mandate on the private sector to require vaccinations.

“It’s generally been left up to the states and localities, but it has been looked at as an education effort in our school systems,” he said. “To put this into the businesses does a number of things. One, it hardens resistance, that’s what we see in Arkansas but I think across the country. Secondly, the courts have struck it down, by and large, the president’s … mandates are unconstitutional overreaches and the courts are looking at it in that fashion.”

According to Hutchinson, a vaccine mandate only adds to the hardship for workers, service providers and their families.

“You don’t need to add… to the unemployed list and that would hurt us in trying to do our recovery, provide the services we need already struggling even in the healthcare industry,” he said. “If you put that mandate in, you’re going to lose some healthcare workers as well. So that’s the reasons part of the reasons that we oppose those mandates.

Hutchinson asserted “we should not even think about” shutdowns amid rising COVID-19 infections.

“Businesses should not have that fear,” he said. “They shouldn’t have the choice of being shut down or requiring a vaccine for their employees. Secondly, it’s the enforcement side. If you do not have an enforcement mechanism, then it brings disrespect for the law and it brings unfairness as to who complies and who does not comply. So for all of those reasons, it’s not an option of shutdown or not.

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