Biden Blames ‘Trump Arm’ of GOP for Political Incivility on ‘Tonight Show’


President Joe Biden blamed the current political incivility between Democrats and Republicans on former President Donald Trump and the “Trump arm” of the GOP during an appearance on Friday’s “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon said he attended the Kennedy Center Honors and saw both Republicans and Democrats getting along, and asked Biden why that cannot be the case when it comes to passing legislation in Congress.

“The truth is before COVID hit, the Trump arm of the Republican Party, which seems to be the Republican Party now, did not show up at the Kennedy Center [Honors],” Biden said. “They didn’t even go to the awards. So, everyone you saw at that event, and it was a fulsome event, were people, who in fact, are Republicans. Democrats and Republicans used to get on well together.”

As an example, Biden said before taping the segment for the show, he gave an eulogy for the late Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan., who died last week.

“We were friends,” Biden said. “We disagreed [politically], but we were friends.”

Biden said there are still those kinds of relationships between different party members in Congress, except for the “QAnon and the extreme elements of the Republican Party.”

He said Trump “continues feeding the big lie” about the 2020 election, which includes complaints of fraud and voter irregularities.

“It makes [getting along] awful hard,” he said. “I think there are an awful lot of Republicans in Congress that would agree with that.”

It was the first time Biden appeared on the nightly NBC entertainment show since becoming president in January.

He previously appeared in 2016 as he was exiting the White House after eight years as vice president for President Barack Obama.

Biden also used the segment to tell the American people that getting a booster shot for COVID-19 is “the patriotic” thing to do.

“We are so far ahead of the world in terms of the science and technology to produce the vaccines,” he said. “This booster shot not only brings the levels back up of immunity, to deal with fighting off the virus, but it brings it up exponentially. The bottom line is that the way to avoid this virus is to get two shots, and then get the booster shot. It will make a gigantic difference.”

Fallon said he was “honored” to have Biden on as a guest, and said he was “a classy guy” that brought class back to the office.

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