Gov. Hogan: No Lockdowns Amid COVID Case Rise


Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan on Sunday said the state won’t consider lockdowns despite a concerning rise in COVID-19 cases and packed hospitals.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Hogan said Maryland is putting a focus on testing and treatment.

“We are concerned about rising cases,” he said. “We got hospitalizations of about 150% the past two weeks and we are taking steps to try to provide more support for hospitals.”

“We are putting more into testing,” he added. “We are pushing monoclonal antibodies, we are trying to do everything we can to get the last 9.2% of our population vaccinated. We are encouraging boosters, but we are not anticipating any lockdowns at all, we are not considering that.”

According to Hogan, calls for remote learning in Prince George’s County are “outrageous.”

“There’s 100 cases in Prince George’s county out of 131,000 students,” he reported. “If there’s a particular outbreak in a classroom or in a school you want to ramp up testing and make sure we keep those people safe.”

“By shutting down in the entire school system of kids that have already struggled with distance-learning for nearly a year, it’s just outrageous and wrong,” he declared.

Hogan called the decision by the county “a big deal and a terrible mistake, and something we’re very opposed to.”

“Our duly elected school boards in these counties have the powers to make those decisions,” he said. “Unfortunately I don’t have the power as governor but we are going to make it very clear that we think it’s a mistake, we all want to keep our kids safe but with got protocols in place.” 

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