Ted Cruz Renews Call to Secure Border After ‘Potential Terrorist’ Apprehended


Sen. Ted Cruz again called on President Joe Biden to “secure our border” after authorities apprehended a Saudi Arabian migrant linked to terrorists.

“Terrorists are taking advantage of Biden’s open borders. It’s time Biden secure our border and end the #BidenBorderCrisis,” the Texas Republican tweeted Monday while sharing a tweet by a Border Patrol chief.

Chris T. Clem, chief patrol agent of the Yuma, Arizona, sector, said that a “potential terrorist” was nabbed after illegally entering the country Thursday.

“#USBP #YumaSector agents apprehended a potential terrorist who illegally entered the U.S. from Mexico Thursday night. The 21-year-old migrant from Saudi Arabia is linked to several Yemeni subjects of interest. #BorderSecurity is #NationalSecurity,” Clem tweeted Monday morning.

Clem’s post included a photo showing the migrant wearing a jacket sporting an American flag patch and a patch saying, “Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps.”

Cruz later tweeted a summary of the southern border crisis under Biden.

“The #BidenBorderCrisis by the numbers: 173,620 illegal aliens crossed in November. That’s over 100,000 more than last year. 13,959 unaccompanied minors.”

“This border crisis isn’t ‘seasonal’ it’s the direct result of Biden’s failed policies,” Cruz tweeted.

Customs and Border Protection statistics show that agents reported 173,620 encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border in November, a staggering increase of 140% from the same time last year.

Border encounters in November increased by nearly 10,000 from October, which had seen a nearly 130% rise compared to October 2020.

The figures show the Biden administration is still seeing massive numbers attempting to enter the country illegally. A record 1.7 million migrants were captured in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.

Axios reported last week that the Biden administration no longer was holding undocumented migrant families in detention centers and instead has turned to remote tracking technology.

The administration is using such tactics as ankle bracelets and traceable cellphones to track migrants released into the country, Axios said.

Also last week, a U.S. appeals court rejected a renewed attempt by the Biden administration to end the “remain in Mexico” policy put in place by former President Donald Trump. The policy forced tens of thousands of migrants to wait in Mexico for the resolution of their U.S. asylum cases.

Biden scrapped Trump’s policy soon after taking office in January this year. But a federal judge ruled it had to be reinstated after Texas and Missouri sued.

Reuters contributed to this story.