Gov. DeSantis States Psaki Lies through Her Teeth Every Single Day


Like a senile man she tries to cover, Jen Psaki isn’t loved much by the American people. whether she’s being blown up on Twitter for dumb comments or others, or memed to oblivion all over the internet by creative geniuses.

Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis joined the fray and attacked Psaki for her lies while trying to cover Team Brandon and all its foul-ups, both at home and abroad.

During a press conference at Miami-Dade College, DeSantis said “The White House press secretary stands in front of that podium and lies through her teeth every single day, and usually about the state of Florida.”

His comments were in response to Florida’s claim that he and Florida were slow to distribute Covid-19 education funding. This comment was made at a press conference. Psaki utterly stated:

So, in terms of — an example would be Florida, where they have done little to — to distribute money to — little to no steps to distribute money to state — across the state and to school districts.

Now, part of it is you have to write a plan for how you’re going to keep schools open to get the third tranche of money, and some have been delayed in that. But, right now, that’s an example of a state that could do more.

Of course, the point is ridiculous on its face, as Florida couldn’t “do more.” It’s the stat that has probably done the best on keeping schools open during Covid, having had in-person classes since the fall of 2020.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’s press secretary said the same. She stated that Florida public schools had been open to all K-12 students since the Fall 2020 semester. Unfortunately, this is not true for many Democrat-run areas which received billions to “safely reopen school” but still force kids to take ineffective Zoom classes.

DeSantis himself pushed back on Psaki’s claim also, saying “Are you kidding me? I remember them criticizing me when we did this almost two years ago. We were the only big state to have every school open for in person, and we did that way before Biden was even president. We didn’t need the Biden stimulus money for that.

DeSantis is correct. Psaki’s claim to be right is another lie, likely created by Team Brandon’s incompetence in comparison with the great state of Florida, which has been managed extremely well since Governor DeSantis took over.

Psaki may complain that Florida doesn’t spend enough federal money. However, it is clear that Florida didn’t really need the money. Florida’s schools are already operating well because of the strong leadership provided by Governor DeSantis.

Looks like Biden’s lackey just got knocked down a notch yet again. How much lower can she go?