Florida Belongs to the Republicans Now


It was odd to see Biden’s FDA remove emergency use authorizations for monoclonal antibody therapy the other day. They made their judgment without citing any research or evidence, leaving it up to the media to conduct damage management for them, and Jen Psaki did a terrible job making the case for the FDA, essentially accusing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of being an anti-vaxx crazy.

According to certain studies, it was less helpful against the omicron form, but omicron does not put individuals in the hospital at the same percentage as the still-active delta variety. It was so successful that the federal government purchased the treatments and disseminated them to other states only to abandon it presently.

Because of the monoclonal antibody treatment, there is a good probability that if you have COVID-19, you will recover more quickly. For individuals who did not receive the vaccine or booster, it served as a failsafe. However, because the Biden Administration is committed to ensuring that as many people as possible receive immunizations, a non-vaccine alternative is just unacceptable. This was purely a political choice that would deprive individuals of crucial healthcare options.

On Tuesday, Florida said that 2000 residents’ appointments had been canceled, and that facilities giving the treatment would have to close since they would be unable to provide it to anyone. Governor Ron DeSantis was understandably enraged. He spent a lot of work pushing the vaccines and getting these treatment centers up and running so that individuals in his state could fight the virus both before and after infection.

However, this approach appears to be a subliminal admission by Democrats that Florida is off the table in 2022 and 2024. It’s not only awful health policy and poor policy, but it’s also a really reckless campaign approach.

If the Biden administration is willing to deny thousands of Floridians medical treatment for political purposes, they are clearly unconcerned about their election prospects in the state. Now is the time for Nikki Fried and Charlier Crist to call off their gubernatorial campaigns. Val Demmings can no longer compete with Marco Rubio. Those races have come to an end. Whatever chance they had this year has been snatched from them.