Former President Sounds Alarm on AI Risks

Troubled Tech? - Trump Sounds ALARM!


During a recent interview on Fox Business, ex-President Donald Trump voiced apprehension regarding the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI), labeling it as highly perilous and stating that there’s no genuine remedy for it. This statement follows a string of disturbing robocalls in New Hampshire, urging voters to bypass the primary.

During the interview, Trump not only warned about the dangers of a digital central bank currency but also expressed his strongest disapproval of AI, describing it as extremely frightening and calling for measures to tackle its possible hazards.

As a persistent opponent of AI, Trump had previously expressed concerns about its ability to manipulate the voices, images, and videos of political figures. He recalled a recent incident where AI was used to fabricate a misleading video falsely depicting him endorsing a product. Stressing the difficulty in discerning between authentic content and AI-altered versions, he admitted his inability to make the distinction.

This wasn’t the initial occasion Trump had criticized AI. In reaction to speculative headlines and online rumors concerning red marks on his hands in recent photographs, he jokingly commented, “Maybe it’s AI,” suggesting its possible role in image alteration.

The discussion became more serious when reports emerged of a digitally fabricated robocall featuring President Joe Biden’s voice, instructing individuals not to participate in New Hampshire’s primary. The state’s attorney general identified the call as an unlawful effort to discourage voting. The voice resembling Biden encouraged recipients to reserve their votes for the November elections, alleging that the primary only favored Republicans.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed the deepfake robocall, labeling it as false and verifying that the president did not record it. Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, mentioned they were considering additional steps. Rep. Dean Phillips’ campaign, who is contesting against Biden in the Democratic primary, refuted any involvement and became aware of it through a journalist.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) acted decisively when Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel declared the commission’s intention to make unsolicited robocalls utilizing AI-generated voices illegal.

Acknowledging the confusion generated by such scams, Rosenworcel stressed the importance of categorizing AI-generated voice cloning and images as prohibited under current legislation. She highlighted the backing of more than twenty state attorneys general for regulations concerning AI-generated robocalls.