Confused Again: Biden Mixes Up World Leaders in Worrisome Mistake

BIG Mistake - Is He Okay?!?


President Biden’s age is undeniable. At 81 years old, the POTUS himself has made light-hearted remarks about his advanced years. Concerns regarding his age have also been voiced by the American public. A recent incident in Nevada further underscored these concerns when he made a mistake during an event.

Biden participated in an event in Las Vegas on February 4, during which he recounted his participation in a Group of 7 (G7) meeting shortly after his election in 2020. He shared that among his messages to fellow world leaders was the declaration, “America is back.”

The issue lies in the fact that Emmanuel Macron has been serving as the French president since 2017, whereas François Mitterrand held the presidency from 1981 to 1995. Mitterrand notably held the longest tenure in the executive office in the country’s history and has been deceased for nearly three decades.

Following the president’s remarks, the White House website edited the transcript, replacing “Mitterrand” with “Macron.” This error caught the attention of individuals, who reacted on various platforms, including X, previously known as Twitter. Clay Travis from Outkick commented that the POTUS appeared to be in poor health.

Some individuals shared comparable comments regarding the president, questioning his mental fitness for serving the country once more.

During a press briefing, a reporter inquired of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the confusion and the president’s well-being. Jean-Pierre declined to delve into that topic, stating she wouldn’t entertain that line of questioning and swiftly shifted focus.

Recently, pollsters from Hart Research Associates, in collaboration with NBC News, surveyed 1,000 voters to gauge their opinions on who they believed was better suited to handle the physical and mental demands of the presidency. The results revealed that only 23% favored Biden over former President Donald Trump. This poses a significant challenge for the president to address.