Florida Dem Switches Sides And Endorses GOP Ron DeSantis


Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner, a Florida Democrat, just jumped on the Ron DeSantis bandwagon. During an appearance on “Fox and Friends First” on the Fox News Channel, Kerner revealed why he left his party to support DeSantis for reelection this year.

Before he went on to explain why he chose to support DeSantis, Kerner first emphasized his own Democratic credentials by mentioning how long he had been a Democrat, saying, “I’ve been a registered Democrat since I registered to vote at the age of 18. I don’t really see it as going against my party. I’m a Floridian, an American first. But there’s a confluence of reasons. The trajectory of our state, which I spoke about in my endorsement, his support for law enforcement, his management of the COVID 19 pandemic. There is a host of reasons why I endorsed him.”

Kerner went on to suggest that there is a lot of “shadow support” for the current and likely future governor, noting that other Democrats are also supporting DeSantis. Kerner discussed it and referred to DeSantis as America’s governor, “There has been a lot of that, what I call sort of shadow support for sure. Obviously, Governor DeSantis is doing an incredible job in Florida. He’s America’s governor, but there is a lot of support out there. And it’s been referred to me by many people that have called me or texted me.”

Schools are one factor in DeSantis’ enormous popularity that Kerner did not mention. DeSantis has ejected CRT-infused materials and won a run of victories that made schools more conservative in response to conservative accusations that many schools and the instructional material utilized by schools is replete with CRT.

For instance, a number of DeSantis-backed candidates for the school board were elected and turned the board from one that was dominated by liberals to one that was dominated by conservatives.