Biden’s Come Under Fire For Lying About Gas Costs


Joe Biden keeps attempting to change the story about what he has done to the United States. Prices are over the ceiling as a result of him pushing through careless spending measures, destroying America’s energy independence, and putting the needs of the country last.

Nowadays, Americans hardly have enough money for groceries. There is an increase in credit card debt, and some people are working several jobs to try to make ends meet.

Nevertheless, Biden has asserted that America will be OK while continuing to refute the existence of a recession in the nation. He has also consistently played down the rate of inflation.

Despite the fact that the president’s remarks on Monday about gas prices were untrue and widely condemned as such,

The president asserted that certain places have gas prices that are less than $3.00 per gallon yesterday during remarks at the White House. This is obviously false because there is not a single state in the country with gas prices below $3.00.

Sadly, those days are now gone, although under former President Trump, the typical gas price was lower than the figure mentioned by Biden. While Biden worked tirelessly to undermine the country’s energy independence, Trump respected it and improved it.

It’s not looking good for the United States at all. The nation has made unprecedented progress, Biden said later in his speech on Monday. However, the president also frequently urged gas companies to reduce the costs they bill customers.

Sadly, unless the Biden administration significantly reduces its energy expenditures, this will not be possible. The White House has, of course, repeatedly made it clear that it has no intention of making any such revisions.

As a result, gas prices will continue to be much higher than required.