Firearm Smuggler Busted near Border in Texas


Agents from the Del Rio Sector of the Border Patrol worked with local, state, and federal organizations to halt a shipment of firearms bound for Mexico. At least 15 weapons were transported out of Texas by the traffickers using an SUV.

Jason D. Owens, the chief patrol agent for the Del Rio Sector, reported the unsuccessful smuggling attempt in a tweet, “Not only do we prevent illicit narcotics & persons from entering the US, we also stop money & firearms from cartels.”

In order to find an SUV, a specialist intelligence team collaborated with state and other federal authorities. The interdiction team spotted the SUV and found more than 15 guns. A handgun and many shotguns were among the firearms.

Agents and law enforcement partners collaborated to thwart 47 attempts to smuggle people in cars, according to Chief Owens. Agents detained 266 people, he continued, and recovered four guns from the human smugglers.

Del Rio Sector agents topped the country in migrant arrests for the month of June. Agents caught 45,225 migrants who crossed the border illegally between ports of entry in this typically sluggish area. More than 1,500 migrants enter each day as a result.

Del Rio Sector agents caught more than 326,000 migrants over the first three quarters of Fiscal Year 22, which started on October 1, 2021. This is an increase of 119 percent over the previous record-breaking apprehension of 149,062 migrants during FY21.