FBI Slammed After Illegal Chinese Biolab Discovered in America

National Security CRISIS - FBI's Negligence Threatens Our SAFETY!


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reportedly ordered the removal of waste from an illegal Chinese bio lab in California after discovering pathogens with the labels “Ebola” and “HIV,” according to a recent reports.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), among other federal agencies, has come under fire from the conservative network for refusing to continue their investigations.

Representative Ashley Hinson, a Republican from Iowa, claimed in a Fox News interview that if they go into detail about the details that were overlooked, people will think they’re reading a script for a horror film. She disclosed that Jie Zhu, a 62-year-old Chinese illegal immigrant who is wanted by Canada, was the person behind the lab.

Hinson also made the point that Zhu’s methods for obtaining the Pathogens and his ability to operate the lab while receiving funding from the Chinese government should be known to all Americans. She added that it should be known by all how he entered the US and stole intellectual property.

The House Select Committee on China said on November 13 that Zhu was involved in a transnational criminal enterprise that involved the theft of intellectual property valued at millions of dollars, and that Zhu had connections to the Chinese Communist Party. The committee disclosed that the group had connections to the Chinese government.

Zhu was taken into custody in October following an inspection that resulted from a code enforcement officer’s concerns regarding a green garden hose protruding from a hole. Authorities discovered mice that Zhu was using for experiments in addition to thousands of vials containing biological materials.

Hinson and numerous other Republicans voiced their apprehensions regarding the proliferation of numerous other analogous laboratories throughout the nation, which they believed would jeopardize the security of the United States. The CDC and the FBI “dropped the ball” when it came to looking into the illegal lab, according to the Iowa delegate. 

A committee member, speaking anonymously, told Fox News that both agencies received contact from law enforcement but “declined” to look into the matter.