Billie Eilish Receives Restraining Order After Family Threatened

Restraining Order FILED - Pop Star's LIFE in Danger?!


Billie Eilish, the renowned artist in the realms of electropop and Gothic rock, has secured a restraining order due to persistent threats targeting her friends and family. A stalker had been sending unsettling messages to the singer and her close ones via social media, culminating in threats of violence linked to her alleged refusal to reciprocate his professed passion.

Shawn Christopher McIntyre, aged 33, directed numerous messages to Eilish, commencing in September. Additionally, he dispatched notes to both her mother and the artist’s close associate, Zoe Donahue.

Within his letters, McIntyre asserts his love for Eilish while frequently issuing peculiar threats directed at her brother, Finneas Baird O’Connell. One particular message expresses remorse for the potential misfortune of the singer’s brother, suggesting that she could encounter tragedy unless she visits the stalker promptly.

Allegedly, McIntyre instilled fear in Eilish within the confines of her personal residence. A man identified by the singer’s security team as the alleged stalker approached her property, repeatedly buzzing the intercom. Surveillance footage from the security cameras revealed the man’s presence behind the front gate.

He wandered the vicinity for a period, occasionally engaged in phone conversations, and eventually stationed himself in front of the security gate. Allegedly, Eilish enlisted the services of private security guards as a precautionary measure in light of the stalker’s persistent intimidation.

Eilish has previously found herself compelled to take drastic actions. In February, she secured a restraining order against another fan when 39-year-old Christopher A. Anderson persistently stalked the singer’s parents at her childhood residence.

As per accounts, the individual tried to reach out to the occupants by knocking on their front door and subsequently stayed on the property when there was no response. Reportedly, he also brought with him bouquet of flowers,seemingly intended for Eilish, along with a leftover food.

On a particular occasion, he intentionally passed his phone under the gate, aiming to use it as a pretext for an impromptu meeting with the music star when he returned to get it back.

He is also accused of unlawfully entering the residence and rummaging through the belongings of the homeowners. Subsequently, the police arrested him on burglary charges in connection to the forced entry.