Dem Led Cities Top the Charts for Murders


The proponents of gun control exploit every tragedy to argue against the Second Amendment while disregarding places like Chicago, where a weekend is more likely to see several killings than a single well reported shooting. Cities like Chicago consistently tend to have the nation’s strongest gun prohibitions.

Because of this, even while the refrain is true, it would be more correct to ask, “Why don’t you care about New Orleans?” or “Why don’t you give Birmingham any thought?” since both of those places, according to reports, have greater murder rates than Chicago. Chicago actually has the 15th-lowest murder rate among cities with a population of over 200,000.

Gav believes that “Red States,” not the Soros-backed DAs and other democratic officials and their absurd policies, are too responsible for gun carnage.

However, Democrats govern every city in the top 15 cities. Jeff Asher, a co-founder of AH Analytics, used police data from cities with a population higher than 200,000 to generate the statistics. New Orleans, Baltimore, Birmingham, St. Louis, and Milwaukee were the top 5 murderous cities.

Everett Johnson, president of the Alabama Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), said: “I think you can see a trend in increased violence across our country as a whole. Birmingham, just based off the per capita murders, I think that falls in line with what’s going on with the rest of our country for the past two or three years.”

Since the “Summer of Love” in 2020, which witnessed widespread riots and mayhem supported by the Democrats and costing more than $2 billion, several cities have seen record-high levels of rising violent crime.