Conservative Think Tank Firebombed, FBI Investigating

Conservative Orgs ATTACKED - Probe LAUNCHED!


The FBI is currently probing the firebombing incident that occurred in Golden Valley, Minnesota, targeting several conservative groups. On the early morning of January 28th, unidentified individuals forcibly entered an office complex and ignited fires in two of the offices. One of the fires was started on the third floor, near the entrance to the Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC), a legal entity known for litigating against issues related to “diversity, equity, and inclusion” discrimination and other progressive initiatives.

The second fire occurred in the corridor separating the offices of TakeCharge and the Center of the American Experiment, both of which are conservative entities. TakeCharge, a black conservative organization, aims to foster unity among Americans irrespective of their backgrounds, advocating for two-parent households and challenging progressive notions of racism. On the other hand, the Center of the American Experiment is a think tank that champions free-market ideologies.

John Hinderaker, the president of the Center of the American Experiment, mentioned that although his organization engages in activities that may antagonize liberals, he expressed uncertainty regarding the specific motive behind the arson attack. He has compiled a list of potential suspects for the FBI, which includes individuals associated with Antifa, public sector unions, pro-Hamas groups, eco-terrorist factions, and radical liberals. However, he acknowledged that determining the most probable culprit remains unclear.

Footage from an indoor camera captured one of the perpetrators, but their identity remains obscured. Nevertheless, there are external cameras around the building, and Hinderaker remains optimistic that they may have captured clearer images of the arsonists. He also urged anyone with information about the attack to contact the FBI’s tip line.

James Dickey, senior counsel for the Upper Midwest Law Center, stated in a press release that their organization will not be deterred by what they describe as an “act of domestic terrorism.” They affirmed their commitment to advancing conservative principles such as freedom for all.

Both the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) have confirmed their investigation into the incident; however, they are currently unable to disclose any specifics.