Biden Joins TikTok to Court Young Voters

Ignoring His OWN RULES - He Really Went THERE!


Despite worries about security, the Joe Biden campaign decided to participate on TikTok, a social media platform originating from China that has faced bans on the majority of US federal government devices.

At Sunday’s Super Bowl event, the president’s campaign launched its official account, @bidenhq. In a promotional video featuring the phrase “lol hey guys,” Biden’s aides asked him about his favorite Super Bowl games. Back in 2022, the president enacted a law barring the use of TikTok on the majority of federal government devices. Similar legislation has been passed in numerous states. Lawmakers from both political parties have called for TikTok’s ban in the United States due to concerns that the Chinese government can access user data.

It’s widely acknowledged that TikTok collects extensive personal data from American users. The US government is worried that China could access this information through its national security laws.

According to Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins, numerous Democrats have hesitated to use TikTok as a means to connect with voters due to concerns over data security. As per his aides, the president will not personally manage his TikTok account; rather, it will be managed by his campaign team.

One of Mr. Biden’s objectives for the 2024 campaign is to revitalize youth engagement to levels seen in the past. Yet, recent public opinion polls indicate a decline in this traditional electoral support base.

Reports indicate that Democratic strategists have reason to worry as polls consistently show Biden trailing his opponent, former President Donald Trump, among younger voters. It appears that the Biden campaign is cognizant of this issue.

As per Kyle Tharp, the individual behind the political newsletter FWIW, the Biden campaign has enlisted celebrities and influencers to connect with younger demographics. The newsletter regularly discusses digital trends, spending, and strategies in US elections.

He emphasized that the backing of young individuals will be pivotal in deciding the election’s outcome, despite their typically Democratic-leaning voting patterns. Biden views it as essential to engage with this demographic. Criticism regarding the president’s age, 81 years old, has been expressed by many, with up to 75% of potential November voters expressing the opinion that he is too old to hold the presidency.

The previous week, a Justice Department inquiry into his management of classified information cast a shadow over the White House, portraying him as a well-meaning elderly individual with a lapse in memory. Due to these circumstances, special counsel Robert Hur opted against suggesting prosecution for Biden.