Caught Red-Handed? National Archives Reveals Thousands of Biden Emails Using Fake Names

SMOKING GUN? This Doesn't Look Good for Biden!


Recently disclosed government documents have the potential to create significant complications for President Joe Biden. A conservative nonprofit organization has asserted that these records indicate his involvement in sending numerous emails using fictitious identities. These emails are purportedly directed towards his contentious son, Hunter. Consequently, conservative individuals are seeking to ascertain whether, in contrast to Biden’s repeated assertions, these messages contain content related to his government responsibilities.

It’s widely known that during his tenure as vice president, Biden employed a minimum of three email accounts using various aliases for communication with his son. This information was reported by the New York Post in 2021. It appears that Biden’s use of these fabricated identities was an attempt to circumvent regulations concerning the sharing of official information with family members. 

As an example, Hunter Biden’s laptop contained an email from Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken addressed to Vice President Biden, which had been forwarded by someone using the name “Robin Ware.” The email pertained to Ukraine, and it is noteworthy that, at that time, Hunter was serving on the board of the controversial Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.

Presently, through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request directed at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), it has come to light that the archives related to the vice presidency encompass nearly 5,400 emails associated with purported Biden pseudonyms. The substantiation suggesting that these email addresses belong to Biden is notably robust. 

As an illustration, a member of his staff routinely transmitted his daily agenda to an address labeled as “Robert Peters,” with Hunter also receiving copies. What remains unclear is why there were no inquiries made of the vice president regarding the use of email addresses bearing different names.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF), responsible for submitting the FOI request, has initiated a legal action petitioning NARA to disclose all the emails linked to Biden’s aliases. Their objective is to gain insight into the precise content of Biden’s communications with Hunter.

Despite the president consistently asserting a strict separation between his political career and his son’s business ventures, Hunter’s laptop raises doubts about this claim. Should SLF succeed in compelling the release of these emails and if they reveal that Biden did indeed share official information with Hunter and intervened with foreign leaders on his behalf, this development could potentially serve as a catalyst for GOP lawmakers to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president.