AOC Admits Biden Has a Big Weakness

AOC TURNS On Biden - THROWS Him Under the Bus!


President Joe Biden is not exactly a favorite of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY). He is a moderate, and she is highly progressive. She proved in 2020 that she is willing to set aside some of her ideals if she believes he can win. She is defending him this time, but she is also revealing that he has a significant weakness.

The New York Times published an interview with AOC on August 30 that addressed a variety of topics. As a passionate Latina journalist, Lulu Garcia-Navarro questioned the congresswoman on Biden’s record on immigration. More asylum seekers have been detained in private detention facilities under the Democratic president than under the Republican one, and families are still being split up. AOC was asked what grade she would give the President of the United States on the subject of immigration.

Immigration is undoubtedly the administration’s weakest subject, AOC retorted. She continued by pointing out that it is one of the sectors of government in which “policy is dictated by politics.” Although she thinks it may “provide relief on this issue,” she claimed that Biden has received numerous recommendations but seemed hesitant to heed them.

Since Biden entered office, millions of migrants have flooded across the border. Hundreds of thousands of them have been released into the US, but many of them were deported using some of Trump’s rules that remained in place. Cities close to the border and around the US have seen the effects of this. The president has not acted, despite Democratic cities pleading with him to.

Garcia-Navarro continued by questioning AOC on why she hasn’t visited the border to draw attention to the problem like she did when Trump was president and used her “considerable clout as a Latina leader.” The lawmaker stated that she is preparing to do that soon. Naturally, she didn’t provide a date.