Biden Lies Repeatedly About the Economy


Joe Biden and John Fetterman appear to be engaged in a constant argument about who is the most mentally impaired Democrat in the nation. When the president made an appearance on Friday with Rep. Katie Porter, minds were melted.

Naturally, neither sentient nor non-sentient humans are purchasing what he is offering. The “Inflation Reduction Act” had no effect on inflation at all. The fact that inflation climbed month over month from August to September confirms this. In other words, your taxes were wasted on wasteful green energy projects that actually worsened the situation. If it doesn’t enrage you, you probably support the Democratic Party.

You can no longer blame Biden’s mental health for his ongoing deception over the situation. Yes, he melts more faces than an 80s guitar hero, but when he effectively criticizes Americans of being too dimwitted to see how wonderful things are, he is on to something.

That conceit will cost him and his group, and it will be a magnificent spectacle to watch him lose it all. Both for the entertainment value and the reality that I’m not convinced the nation’s economy can last much longer with Democrats in power, November cannot come soon enough.