Biden Goes Viral For His Advice to A Little Girl


Joe Biden constantly grabs attention for his actions that are puzzling, peculiar, or otherwise suggestive that his mental faculties have declined.

The president frequently calls out and inquires about the whereabouts of deceased members of Congress when he isn’t shaking hands with nobody. When Biden isn’t lying about inflation or foreign policy, he’s forgetting the names of significant people he needs to mention in speeches.

Many people already think the president has no business being president because of his propensity to forget things or become confused.

This perception was reinforced by Biden’s actions toward a little child, which were captured on tape.

Biden visited an Irving-based community college when he was in California to deliver a speech about lowering prescription drug costs and inflation. However, it was when the president himself mingled with the audience that he offered a young girl some unsolicited counsel.

Holding onto her shoulders, Biden is heard telling her that she shouldn’t enter into any committed relationships with men until she is 30 years old. The president then stressed that he had also offered his own daughters and granddaughters the same counsel.

On camera, the young woman seems a little surprised by this. She merely says “OK” to the president before informing him that she would keep his suggestions in mind.

Additionally seen on video, Biden’s security detail was attempting to halt filming of the event at one point.

On social media, detractors noted that a Republican would face criticism from the media if they approached a young girl at random and stated what the president did.

Furthermore, Biden’s problems are far broader than offering unsolicited counsel. In spite of the president’s earlier claim that it was robust as hell, the economy is still in disaster.

The negative effects of Biden’s bad foreign policy decisions are being felt severely all around the world and cannot be understated. China is becoming more antagonistic and might strike Taiwan.

In the meantime, Russia is openly threatening to use nuclear weapons, moving about nuclear weapons, and using confrontational language toward the United States and other western nations.