CNBC: GOP Holds Historic Advantage on Generic Ballot


The Republican Party holds a significant lead over the Democratic Party in the latest generic congressional poll from CNBC in the network’s All-America Economic Survey released on Friday.

According to the poll’s press release, “Republicans now sport a historic 10-point advantage when Americans are asked which party they prefer to control Congress.”

  • 44% support Republicans controlling Congress.
  • 34% support Democrats controlling Congress.

CNBC notes that this is “up from a 2-point Republican advantage in the October survey,” and that in the last two decades, no polls from CNBC or NBC have shown the GOP with a double-digit lead over its rivals in a generic congressional ballot, with the previous record being a 4-point advantage.

“If the election were tomorrow, it would be an absolute unmitigated disaster for the Democrats,” said Jay Campbell, a partner at Hart Research Associates who served as the Democratic pollster for this survey.

The poll also found that President Joe Biden’s approval rating has leveled at 41% with 50% disapproval. His approval rating on the COVID-19 pandemic dropped to 46%, beneath his disapproval rating on the subject, 48%, for the first time in his presidency. His economic approval rating also fell, to 37% with 56% disapproving.

“The COVID [approval] number is actually I think the more important one,” said Republican pollster Micah Roberts of Public Opinion Strategies. “As goes COVID, so goes the Biden presidency, and that’s really proving to be quite true.”

CNBC polled 800 Americans across the country with a margin of error of +/-3.5 percentage points.