Air Force Denies Woman Medical Exemption Despite Being Allergic to Vax


Despite showing confirmation of an allergy to one of the vaccine’s components, the Air Force has denied a reservist’s medical exemption application to the military’s COVID-19 immunization obligation.

According to a note from a doctor filed to the Air Force this week, the reservist traveled to a clinic in Texas and conducted allergy testing to vaccine components.

“She developed a positive reaction to intradermal testing to Polysorbate, indicating the potential for a significant allergic reaction to future COVID-19 vaccination,” the note stated.

However, the military said a few days later that the request was not granted.

Merrick Garland, Biden’s attorney general, has come under scrutiny for something he penned as a college student in 1976.

This is another another example of cancel culture, but because Garland is a liberal, the left will ignore the issue.

As a college student at Harvard University, President Joe Biden’s attorney general candidate Merrick Garland wrote in a review of a musical that a song about rape was one of the play’s funny group numbers: 

“A combination of factors, however, keep the vocal problems from becoming disastrous. Most important are the Jones-Schmidt songs themselves, simple and engaging melodies with a few tender ballads like “Try to Remember” and some hilarious group numbers like “it Depends on what You Pay,” which provides a shopping list of rapes for sale e.g. “the military rape–it’s done with drums and a great brass band.”