Woman Alleges Her FOIA Requests Were Ignored, Sues Biden Administration



On January 20, 2021, Kamala Harris took the oath of office while facing the American people on the inaugural stage. As the first woman to hold the position, she was sworn in as vice president. 

She and several officials in the administration of President Joe Biden are now being sued by a woman.

A lawsuit has apparently been brought by two lawyers, Todd S. Callender and Kenneth W. Ferguson, on behalf of Lisa McGee. The lady asserts that in order to collect the oaths of office from many administration representatives, she submitted Freedom of Information Act requests. 

The complaint demands that they produce the records or risk losing their jobs. The attorneys want all of their work to be thrown out if they are dismissed.

The lawsuit names a number of people, including Biden’s entire Cabinet, the FDA deputy commissioner, Harris, and the deputy secretary of labor. According to the lawsuit, administration officials are not legitimate if their Oaths of Office are absent.

The complaint has not received a response from the Biden administration, but it is unlikely that it will result in anything. There are live streams of almost every defendant who is mentioned in the complaint taking their oath of office. 

Republicans who fervently want to impeach some of the Cabinet secretaries are the only members of Congress who have voiced concerns about this issue.

The claims regarding the inauguration are not new, as is the case with Harris. Rumors that she had not put her hand on the Bible during the swearing-in ceremony circulated in the days that followed. 

Actually, she touched two Bibles with her hand. They belonged to Regina Shelton, a close family friend who Harris considered in great regard, and the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, respectively.