Woke Beauty Company Faces Boycott After Releasing This Video


The most recent corporation to put social responsibility ahead of profit is a chain of cosmetics and beauty stores. A podcast episode with two biological men discussing women’s issues was published by Ulta Beauty last week. They are currently receiving fierce opposition, but instead of changing their message in response to the criticism, they are intensifying it.

The latest edition of Ulta Beauty’s official podcast was released on October 13 by the Illinois-based company, which has about 1,200 shops and salons across the US. Although it was billed as “The Beauty of Girlhood with Dylan Mulvaney,” David Lopez, the host, is gender fluid while Dylan Mulvaney is biologically a man. 

Ulta’s social media followers obviously didn’t like the idea of two men discussing what it’s like to be a lady since they left hundreds of furious comments. One questioned whether the corporation would be okay with Mulvaney being depicted as a derogatory caricature of gender while another claimed it was “VERY creepy” for an adult male to constantly refer to himself as a “girl.”

The answer from Ulta was typical of a company accused of catering to the wokeness: it refused to listen. The business disabled comments on its Instagram and YouTube accounts and deleted any critical tweets from its Twitter account. It emphasized that “The intersectionality of gender identity is nuanced” in a tweet as well.