Why Wait? Trump Calls Biden Out for Immediate Debate

Why WAIT? Trump Issues MAJOR Challenge!


Ex-President and past presidential contender, Donald Trump, expressed his interest in a debate with current US President Joe Biden on February 5. Trump, a Republican figure, extended this invitation during a conversation on The Dan Bongino Show, a few months prior to the conclusion of primary elections and the commencement of the presidential race.

Despite encountering opposition within the GOP from former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Donald Trump remains focused on his goals following triumphs in New Hampshire and Iowa. With his attention turned towards the current president, Trump expressed skepticism during his recent appearance, suggesting that President Biden is unlikely to accept his challenge due to perceived communication difficulties.

He additionally asserted his belief that the current commander-in-chief is causing harm to the United States and hinted at the possibility of suspending his own presidential campaign to pave the way for a more popular Democratic nominee. When questioned about his motivation for seeking a debate with the incumbent president, Trump emphasized his intentions were driven by a desire for the betterment of the nation.

After Trump’s proposition, President Biden addressed the matter during a press interaction in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Democratic figure remarked that if he were in Trump’s position, he too would desire a debate. While the commander-in-chief commented on the Republican candidate’s apparent lack of other engagements, he refrained from confirming whether he would indeed accept it.

Since the inception of the Republican Party’s primary race, Trump has declined participation in its debates. In August 2023, he took to his platform, Truth Social, to assert that his track record as president speaks for itself, indicating there was no need for him to engage in such events.

In a June 2023 interview, he further expressed his reasoning, stating that participating in an event where he might field questions from candidates with minimal support among Republican voters seemed illogical. Certain polls suggest that in a theoretical rematch of the 2020 presidential elections, Trump would outperform President Biden.