White House Sends Mixed Messages Over Strike

Biden BREAKS Rank - Goes Against Official Stance!


The White House Press Office functions as a direct representation of the president, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and her deputy press secretaries serving as the official channels through which President Joe Biden and his administration communicate. Their statements are not personal viewpoints, but rather convey the viewpoints of the president himself.

One consistent trend observed in the Biden Administration is the lack of alignment between the president and his press office. This disparity has become apparent through the conflicting information provided regarding the writer’s strike.

The strike initiated by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) commenced on May 2nd at 12:01 a.m. The primary reason behind the strike was the failure of the union to reach a consensus with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the entity responsible for representing major studios. The writers’ demands include a revision of residual payments, which are currently determined by program viewership during airing but have significantly decreased due to the rise of streaming platforms. Additionally, they are advocating for job security guarantees and the implementation of regulations concerning the utilization of artificial intelligence applications such as Chat GPT.

During the Daily White House Press Briefing held on the same day, the press secretary was questioned about the ongoing strike. A reporter highlighted President Biden’s self-proclaimed title as “the most pro-union President in history” and inquired about his perceived lack of open support for the striking writers in Hollywood. The reporter sought clarification on how the president’s stance aligns with his actions in this particular situation.

In response to the question, the press secretary clarified that President Biden refrained from commenting on the strike due to its ongoing nature. She further explained that it is the policy of the administration not to make statements regarding ongoing strikes. Additionally, she emphasized that the president strongly supports the rights of workers to engage in strikes, demonstrating his overall advocacy for workers’ rights.

President Biden hosted an event at the White House on Monday, May 8, specifically for Asian Americans. During the event, he addressed the ongoing Hollywood strike and expressed his desire for the writers to receive a fair agreement that they rightfully deserve at the earliest opportunity. According to Fox News, he further emphasized the importance of writers and all others involved in sharing the stories of the American people and the nation, highlighting their significant role in the country.

Biden also commented that occasions like the one he attended served as a powerful reminder of the impact of stories. He stressed the significance of treating storytellers with dignity, respect, and the recognition they deserve.

The writer’s strike is still in progress, indicating that despite the press secretary’s earlier statement, the White House does indeed address ongoing strikes.