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White House Says More Immigrants Will Help Economic Growth

The United States is being inundated by a flood of unauthorized immigrants. And the majority of Americans disapprove of how our borders are managed. The Biden Administration, however, won’t take advice. Officials now assert that immigration has to increase, not decrease.

According to a report released on March 20 by President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), increasing immigration and diverting more tax dollars to childcare are both necessary for the US to maintain economic growth. According to CEA chair Cecilia Rouse, the US is experiencing a labor shortage that can only be resolved by increasing immigration. The report’s hidden agenda—”legalizing the status” of an estimated 11 million current illegal immigrants—was made clear in the fine print.

The research makes some good points, such as the possibility of a decreasing US workforce due to declining birthrates, but there are also other options. The obvious course of action, if “declining workforce participation” is indeed an issue, is to encourage those Americans back to work rather than providing them benefits and then allowing foreigners to take their jobs.

The CEA does offer recommendations for bringing people back to work, but oddly enough, they all seem to align with Biden’s liberal platform, such as providing government-funded childcare, hiring felons who have served their time, and encouraging more workers to join unions. Naturally, the study constantly referencing the need for more immigrants.

The issue is that Americans oppose welcoming additional immigrants. According to a poll conducted in January, attitudes about immigration are at their lowest point in more than ten years. In contrast to the 71% of Republicans and 19% of Democrats who believe Biden’s immigration policy is too high, only 28% of respondents are content with it. It appears that Biden is once again forsaking what is best for the country in favor of policies that appeal to the left-wing base of his party.

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