WH Uses Tiktok Stars To Take Its Message To A Younger Audience


The Inflation Reduction Act, the Democrats’ centerpiece spending bill, was passed last month, and President Biden attended a party on the South Lawn with lawmakers to commemorate the occasion.

Special invites were sent to more than 20 influencers, who are content producers with large followings on social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

It is a component of the White House’s plan to communicate with young people where they are, which is frequently scrolling on a tablet.

“I got a magical email from the digital communications team at the White House saying they were going to be doing essentially a creator briefing for the Inflation Reduction Act.”

Before the event, Spehar and the other decision-makers convened in the Roosevelt Room where Biden and Vice President Harris personally, as well as officials of the National Economic Council and the climate policy office, briefed them on the legislation.

The White House has previously collaborated with influencers. Spehar took part in a virtual briefing on the Ukraine War earlier this year, which Saturday Night Live promptly mocked.

Spehar has a sense of humor about the parody, but claimed that the actual target of the joke is those who underrate TikTok’s potential.

More and more Americans are obtaining their news through social media, particularly the site TikTok, which has a billion users. 33% of American individuals aged 18 to 29 and 15% of those ages 30-49 say they prefer to acquire their news via social media, according to Pew Research.

Democrats want the Inflation Reduction Act’s environmental and healthcare provisions to be credited by voters. The White House made the decision to host briefings to inform and motivate well-known content creators to spread our message on their own online social media platforms in order to reach more people.