VP Kamala Loses Another Staffer


As disturbing news about Vice President Kamala Harris continues to emerge, staffers are fleeing in droves.

Nancy McEldowney, Harris’ Chief National Security Adviser, is stepping down from her position. She was in charge of advising Harris on critical international issues such as Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Harris has been described as abusive by a total of 22 current and former staff members. The principal spokeswoman and communications director for Harris resigned. Then her press operations director and deputy director of public engagement departed. Harris’ deputy press secretary resigned last week, according to reports.

Some of Harris’ employees have said that working with her is a toxic workplace where people are frequently abused. It is a place where individuals are treated badly, not a place where they feel supported.

Kelly Mehlenbacher, a former senior staff member, issued a scathing resignation letter criticizing Harris. “This is my third presidential campaign, and I have never witnessed an organization treat its employees so badly,” says the candidate.

McEldowney says she’s stepping down to focus on some serious personal concerns in her resignation letter.

She mentions that she isn’t rushing out the door to alleviate any fears or suspicions. It’s uncertain when she’ll be able to leave.

Many employees have left Harris’ hazardous workplace to pursue other options.

If these allegations of a hostile work environment had been leveled at former Vice President Mike Pence’s office, the left-wing media would have been all over it.

Per an internal team document, McEldowney would be succeeded by her deputy, Philip Gordon.