VP Harris Takes Mysterious Trip To California And White House Won’t Say Why


Vice President Kamala Harris made some eyebrows Friday when she took a private, unexplained trip down to Palm Springs, California.

It was not clear what Harris, who represented California in Senate before taking over the vice presidency, was doing at Palm Springs.

“The White House and Ms. Harris‘ office wouldn’t give a reason for the one-night trip, which began on Friday afternoon with her departure from Joint Base Andrews near Washington,” The Washington Times reported, adding that “[r]eporters were not allowed to watch her departure.”

Although the White House made a brief statement about the matter, it did not give many details.

“The vice president will remain overnight in Palm Springs and return to Washington, D.C., on Saturday,” the White House said.

According to the Palm Springs Desert Sun Harris landed in Palm Springs around 7 p.m. local. Drivers in the vicinity had to stop for Harris’ motorcade to pass.

The Desert Sun reported that Harris was “unlikely to meet with local Democrats during this visit.” Elle Kurpiewski (political director of the Democratic Headquarters of the Desert), said that no one she knew was aware of Harris’s planned visit.

Palm Springs Mayor Christy Gilbert Holstege did tweet Saturday, “Welcome to Palm Springs, Madam Vice President! ”

Harris’ secretive trip occurred as the Biden administration tried to persuade congressional lawmakers to pass a $1.2 billion infrastructure bill and a $3.5 Trillion measure that provides massive funding for environmental and social programs.

Harris could play a part in both bills’ passage. Although Republicans and Democrats control 50 Senate seats, Harris, as vice president could cast the tie-breaking ballot.

According to the New York Post, Harris left the nation’s capital Friday but returned on Saturday. She was seen walking with Doug Emhoff in Washington on Sunday.