VP Harris Insists Abortion Has Nothing to do With Religious Beliefs


Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized that individuals may support abortion without compromising their religious values, using the United States as an example. The Supreme Court might reverse the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

In an interview with reporters, Harris stated that Christian faith and support for universal abortion protection do not clash.

“For those of us of faith, I think that we agree, many of us, that there’s nothing about this issue that will require anyone to abandon their faith, or change their faith,” Harris said, adding “it’s simply saying that the government should not have the ability to decide what an individual does with her own body — let her make that decision with her pastor or her rabbi, or whoever she consults.” 

She went on to say that the government should not make the choice.

If Harris understood anything about religious values, she would know that one of God’s commandments explicitly reads, “Thou Shall Not Murder,” which is exactly what abortion is: the killing of an innocent child.

Abortion is considered a sin by the Catholic Church, which believes that human life starts at conception. Harris should be aware of this, given she has previously said that she is a Christian.

Conversely, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who describes herself as a devout Catholic, has stated that having an abortion has nothing to do with one’s religious convictions.

“A woman has a right to choose to live up to her responsibility. It’s up to her, her doctor, her family, her husband, her significant other and her God. I’m a very Catholic person, and I believe in every woman’s right to make her own decisions.”