Venezuela Empties Prisons Sending Violent Criminals To US Border


According to a source with the Border Patrol, a recent intelligence report from the Department of Homeland Security directs officers to look for Venezuelan detainees who have been allowed to enter the US. According to the report, which Breitbart Texas has examined, the Nicolás Maduro Moros-led government in Venezuela is purposefully releasing convicts, some of whom have been found guilty of homicide, rape, and extortion.

Agents are cautioned by the intelligence assessment that the detainees who were freed in July were observed in migrant caravans heading from Tapachula, Mexico to the US-Mexico border. The unnamed source informed Breitbart Texas that the action is reminiscent of a similar one taken by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during the Mariel boat operation in the 1980s.

The study does not mention if the freed detainees traveled in a close-knit group, but it does mention that many of the Venezuelan migrants who came to the United States in a caravan in July were convicted felons and experienced criminals, which was general knowledge among the migrants. .

The report makes no mention of the possibility that the release of the prisoners, knowing full well that they would travel to the United States, was a planned geopolitical action intended to have an impact on American national security. The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), Venezuela’s version of the CIA, may have had a hand in the planned disclosures, although this is another information vacuum acknowledged in the report.

According to the source, it is incredibly difficult to locate Venezuelans who have a criminal history there. According to the source, the majority of the hundreds of Venezuelan migrants who surrender each day near the US-Mexico border are allowed to enter the US. The insider claims that there is no way to access criminal databases in Venezuela without strong diplomatic ties.

The report makes no mention of the releasees’ location or final destination. Republican governors of Texas and Florida started sending migrants, especially Venezuelans, to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Chicago because they were frustrated with the rise in the number of migrants crossing the southwestern border. Last Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis organized charter flights from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard for 50 refugees, primarily from Venezuela. Soldiers from the National Guard promptly transported the migrants from the affluent island hamlet to the nearby Joint Base Cape Cod.