US Gov’t Agency Head Says U.S. Is At War With Russia But ‘Ukrainians Doing The Fighting’

US Agency Head ADMITS Real Reason For Backing Ukrainians!


At a CNN town hall panel last week, the director of a government agency accidentally revealed that although the US is at war with Russia, “Ukrainians are doing the fighting.”

“What vital interest does the US have in Ukraine? “, a question posed to Samantha Power, director of USAID, was asked. The US is participating, she retorted, “because Americans understand bullies and the importance of standing up to bullies.”

She continued by claiming that Ukraine military are being used by the US to combat Russia. Power said that Ukrainians were on the front lines and engaged in the war, not only the US and Russia.

He also discussed how a group of nations are uniting to back Ukraine in its fight against Russia with the US.

Professor of international studies at Northeastern University Max Abrahams referred to Power’s remarks as a “mistake.”

“Sam Power makes a mistake in this interview. She says the US is building a coalition of countries so the war isn’t just one between the US and Russia. One of the most erroneous and dangerous foreign policy views is that multilateralism necessarily predicts wisdom and success. Sam Power certainly should have learned this after the Libya intervention,” he tweeted.

Former President Donald Trump criticized the Biden administration for allowing NATO and other European nations to provide Ukraine with less help than the US did at a press conference on Saturday.

The Russia-Ukraine issue “should be settled in 24 hours,” according to Trump, who also criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the situation.

“Meanwhile, would you encourage congress to continue to provide aid to Ukraine,” the reporter questioned Trump.

“I would say that Europe should start spending money. We’re up to 140 billion dollars and they’re at like 15 billion. It’s the old story. Whether it’s trade with Europe or anything of the other things we do. NATO, look I got them to put up over $400 billion dollars because when I got there Europe wasn’t paying for NATO and I got them to put up $447 billion dollars in a very short period of time. They wouldn’t have the money to be fighting Russia right now if it wasn’t for me,” Trump explained.