US Customs Will Suspend Rail Operations Into Texas

It's OVER - The US Pulls the Plug!


American dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s handling of illegal immigration appears to be finally dawning on them as the presidential election looms on the horizon, less than a year away. A recent announcement by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) states that two rail routes leading from Mexico into Texas will be closed. Due to an influx of people trying to enter the United States via rail, this measure is being taken.

Border Patrol (CBP) stated on December 17 that beginning at 8 a.m. the next day, its Office of Field Operations will cease monitoring the two railroad bridges at Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas, which connect the United States to Mexico. The goal is to redouble efforts to prevent migrants from boarding freight trains by utilizing the agents that will be freed up when these activities are suspended. In a statement, the agency said, “CBP is taking additional actions to surge personnel and address this concerning development, including in partnership with Mexican authorities.”

Due to the withdrawal of CBP agents from the bridges, trains will be unable to travel across them. CBP has not taken this decision lightly. A major effect on the economy results from that. A billion dollars’ worth of fruit sat on trains waiting for the crossings to reopen when they were stopped for three days in September. The CBP has not yet announced the duration of their closure.

The surge of illegal immigrants into the United States, however, shows no signs of slowing down, therefore immediate and decisive action is required. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency recorded 12,000 “encounters” with migrants on a single day in early December, which is a record low. The constant strategy shifts among migrants and people traffickers make the agency’s job more difficult. Their focus has returned to trains, and thousands of them were spotted waiting on a Mexican railroad track three hours south of Eagle Pass, ready to board a passing train and make the perilous journey across the bridge. Because they have run out of better ideas, the Biden administration has resorted to closing the bridges, which is a desperate measure.