Trump Warns Putin’s Invasion Will Embolden China To Take Taiwan


As Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine destabilizes Europe, many worry the fight will escalate into a global conflict.

President Donald Trump delivered a somber appraisal of the situation, predicting that Taiwan will be next.

Since Putin’s invasion last Thursday, Trump has claimed that Biden empowered Putin by displaying weakness on the international stage.

After deciding that America’s leaders are useless and ignorant, Trump claimed that Chinese ruler Xi Jinping is gleefully watching the battle in Europe and is likely thinking that he has an opportunity to strike at Taiwan.

Trump brought up Biden’s embarrassing exit from Afghanistan last year, which Trump has suggested likely influenced Putin’s decision.

Trump again reiterated his allegation that if he were still president, Putin would not have attacked.

The war has already altered European politics, and Western sanctions against Russia are bringing Russia and China closer together, fuelling fears that tighter economic links between the two superpowers may endanger the dollar’s dominance.

Officials from Biden’s administration said on Wednesday that Russia postpone its invasion until after the Winter Olympics at China’s urging. These charges have been denied by China as a smear campaign.

On Tuesday, Biden sent a delegation of former US national security officials to Taipei, a move that China denounced as an assault to Taiwan’s independence.