Trump Vows To Seize Endowments From Universities

Trump Vows To SEIZE This - No More EQUITY!


For a while now, the Republican Party has expressed their disapproval of the liberal beliefs that have become prevalent in colleges and universities. They are especially worried about programs related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). To address this issue, certain states have targeted publicly funded universities. During a recent 2024 campaign event, former President Donald Trump made a commitment.

A video detailing Trump’s Agenda47 plan for colleges was released by his team on May 2nd. According to a press release by his campaign, the goal is to “reclaim” schools from what they view as the radical Left and Marxist influences. The former president made a promise to enforce higher education standards and ensure accountability from institutions in order to safeguard students.

Trump has claimed that college tuition is increasing rapidly, and that educators have become fixated on indoctrinating young Americans. In order to address this issue, the former President has proposed a set of measures. These include mandating universities to teach a curriculum that upholds “American tradition and Western civilization,” removing DEI officials, eliminating administrative positions that lead to higher costs for students, and offering job placement and affordable degrees. 

Additionally, Trump wants to implement entrance and exit exams. He has also proposed imposing fines on schools that engage in racial discrimination against their students, equivalent to the entirety of their endowment.

Ron DeSantis, the conservative governor of Florida who many believe may challenge Trump for the GOP nomination, has also directed his attention towards DEI programs. On May 4th, Republican lawmakers passed Senate Bill 266, which prohibits public colleges and universities in Florida from using federal or state funds to finance DEI programs. It is expected that the governor will sign the bill.

DeSantis had previously signed a similar bill called the Stop-WOKE Act in 2022, but it was halted from being implemented by Chief US District Judge Mark Walker, who deemed it a violation of the First Amendment and “positively dystopian.” The state is appealing this ruling. DeSantis has been an advocate of anti-“woke” policies in Florida for a long time, and it appears that Trump is now also following this trend.