Trump to NYPD: You Could End NYC Crime in ‘1 Week, If They Let You’


Showing up to support the New York Police Department on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, former President Donald Trump told NYPD officers and officials they could straighten out the city’s crime wave “in one week” if leadership would just let them do their job.

“I appreciate you, and you don’t get enough credit,” Trump told the officers and officials in a visit aired live on The Patriot Depot’s “Saturday Agenda.” “If they let you do your job, you could do this job very quickly.”

The former president took a number of questions from the officers, including ones on whether he will announce another run for president, or if he does not, would he consider running for mayor of New York City, Trump’s former home.

“That’s an interesting question,” Trump responded, albeit suggesting it was not in the cards. “We could straighten it out. I’d say, ‘fellas, good luck, go to town.’ They’d be announcing in one week: ‘There’s no crime in the city; there’s no crime, what the hell happened? That was the easiest job ever.’

“That would be such an easy job, but I appreciate that question. That’s cool.”

Trump took his obligatory shots at the media that seizes on his every comment.

“If I give you even a little positive, like jokingly, they’ll say, ‘Trump’s running for mayor,'” he continued.

“Nah, if they let you do your job, we’re going to be very proud again. But it’s very embarrassing for our city. It’s hurting our city very badly. They’re talking about it all over the world, the crime – when you have antifa running down the streets and burning down your buildings and all of this and they don’t do anything about it.

“It can’t go on for much longer. It can’t. You are incredible men and women, and thank you all very much. I’m with you all the way.”

Trump lamented the loss of life in American cities under President Joe Biden – not to mention Afghanistan – noting his tougher stances had brought far more safety and security and face his administration had not had a soldier killed in Afghanistan in the last 18 months of his term.

Trump also rebuked the handing of the country back over the Taliban, along with billions in military weapons and equipment ajuxtaposition to “these crime statistics that are crazy.”

“We didn’t surrender, our people didn’t surrender, and our soldiers sure as hell didn’t surrender,” Trump said, turning the conversation back to the homeland and the NYPD.

“And you never surrendered. You could straighten out this city, if you had the proper leadership, you could straighten out this city in one week. And the incredible thing about you: You know who the bad guys are, because you see them, and you get taunted by them. I know what happens. They taunt you, and you’re not allowed to do anything. You have to sit back and take it.

“And you could stop it so fast, if they’d let you, but they don’t want to do that.”

Trump warned the NYPD that the media and Democrtats were watching, so they should not nod to agree with the former president’s comments, because they will be judged for it.

“Don’t nod, because if you do nod, you’ll get in trouble, O.K.?” Trump said. “So just stand and just be perfect.

“But, if they let you do your job, you wouldn’t have crime in New York. I want to thank you very much. You are incredible people.”

Among the questions Trump was asked was if he would “strongly consider” declaring a day of recognition for American law enforcement.

“You have a deal,” Trump said. “It’s amazing, nobody’s ever brought that up. And when I see what they do and things that take place.

“I think that’s a really good point, and I like it. Thank you, great question. It’s a rare question that I hadn’t heard before, and that’s one I should have been hearing a lot.”

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