Trump Support Springs Up in Unlikely Allies

They're Endorsing TRUMP - Big Development!


Unprecedented levels of African American voters are shifting their allegiance from current President Joe Biden to former President Donald Trump. Additionally, the Republican nominee for the 2024 election has surprised many by gaining endorsements from multiple hip-hop artists.

The development arises amidst rap artists refraining from outright endorsing Trump but distancing themselves from Biden due to growing doubts about his suitability as a presidential contender. Recent surveys indicate that 17% of African American voters are now inclined towards Trump, a figure surpassing twice the support he received in 2016. While Democrats criticize Trump for his contentious remarks implying a connection between him and black voters through his mugshot, accusations from opponents of his being racist haven’t deterred several rappers from supporting the Republican candidate.

Rapper Sexyy Red expressed a desire for Trump to remain in the White House, asserting that this sentiment is widespread within the urban community. Azealia Banks declared her intention to vote for Trump, citing her admiration for his resilience and humor. Money Man criticized the Democratic Party for its perceived lack of action in favor of black constituents and echoed support for the ex-president.

Numerous prominent rap artists have previously voiced their support for Trump, such as Lil Wayne, who commended his efforts towards criminal reform in 2020. Snoop Dogg, in January 2024, expressed admiration and respect for Trump, while also creating distance from Biden. Cardi B, Ice Cube, Meek Mill, and 50 Cent have criticized the current president, and Kanye West notably endorsed Trump in the run-up to the 2020 election.

In 2019, West voiced his discontent regarding the Democratic Party’s popularity among black voters. He also criticized left-leaning media and commentators, accusing them of racism for attempting to dictate his voting choices. Previously, Snoop Dogg mocked Trump in a 2017 music video, depicting him pointing a gun at the president. However, Snoop later clarified that Trump had not wronged him and had actually been beneficial to him.