Trump Says Maga Movement Will Take Back White House


Former President Donald Trump began the 2022 midterm elections by slamming his stumbling successor, Vice President Joe Biden, at a raging rally in Arizona on Saturday night.

In front of a large crowd of fans, he said: Trump declared that the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement will “take back the White House” in 2024, and called on Americans to throw Democrats out of power in November, Breitbart reported.

The much-anticipated address came as Trump’s opponent has suffered a series of humiliating defeats. According to the New York Post, Biden’s approval rating has dropped to thirty-three percent, a startling drop in political support less than a year into his presidency.

Only 55% of Americans believe Biden won the 2020 election legitimately, according to a latest survey. As he overtakes Biden in the polls, especially in swing states like Arizona that were key to Biden’s ascent to power, Trump remains unapologetic in his claim that the election was “rigged.”

In his rally speech, Trump bemoaned the status of the country under Biden’s leadership, citing soaring inflation, barren store shelves, and nearly 2 million illegal immigrants storming the southern border. Trump stated, “Our country is being destroyed.”

After Biden and the Democrats used the anniversary of the Capitol demonstration to characterize Trump and his followers as a foreign adversary equivalent to the Pearl Harbor attackers and the 9/11 hijackers, Trump delivered on his pledge and retaliated against the Democratic Party’s “insurrection” propaganda. “On election day, November 3rd, the true insurgency began,” Trump stated.

Trump also slammed the Democratic Party’s witch hunt on January 6 as a “Stalinist show trial” and a “unprecedented assault on American civil rights and liberties,” drawing a comparison between the Capitol protesters’ punishment and the leniency afforded to Black Lives Matter rioters.

Trump said that the left’s demented ideological war on America had led to the withholding of life-saving COVID-19 treatments from white people.

“If you’re white, you go right to the back of the line,” he said.

However, Trump stated that the left’s reign of terror will not survive indefinitely. “We’re going to launch a comeback like no one has ever seen before,” he added.