Trump Misses Trial to Attend Melania’s Mother’s Funeral

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Donald Trump, the former president, was unable to attend a recent court appearance. Rather, he went to see his mother-in-law, who passed away in the middle of January, to say his goodbyes. The judge wasn’t willing to delay the trial by one day to let him attend the funeral, leaving him no choice but to miss it.

Melania Trump, the former first lady, broke the news of her mother Amalia Knavs’s death on January 10 on X, the platform that was once Twitter. On January 18, her funeral was supposed to take place, but something went wrong. Trump was scheduled to make an appearance in court for a civil trial, which he naturally desired to attend. In the 1990s, Trump allegedly sexually abused E. Jean Carroll, a journalist.

A jury gave her $5 million in damages last May, despite Trump’s denials that they ever met. A second trial was set to reassess the damages after Carroll requested further money. Trump requested that Judge Lewis A. Kaplan postpone the trial’s commencement so that he may attend the funeral; the trial was originally scheduled to begin on January 18. He expressed his willingness to resume the next day or on Monday to Kaplan.

But Kaplan rejected categorically. He informed Trump that he could attend either the burial or the trial, but not both. Trump made the announcement that he would be attending the funeral at a news conference on January 17. He called Kaplan “a nasty judge… a Trump-hating guy.” Clinton nominated Kaplan to the US District Court for the Southern District of New York in 1994.

The campaign for president that Trump is doing is doing well so far, despite his legal issues. On January 15th, during the Iowa caucuses, he received 51.3% of the vote. He acknowledged his wife’s encouragement and paid tribute to her “incredible, beautiful mother who passed away a few days ago” in his post-victory remarks. Trump was able to attend the last goodbye to a woman he referred to as “one of the most special people I’ve ever known,” despite Judge Kaplan’s firm stance.