Trump Jr. Sent Envelope Containing Mysterious White Powder

HAZMAT Called In - Unidentified THREAT!


On February 26, Donald Trump Jr., the son of ex-President Donald Trump, was delivered an envelope containing a questionable white substance. Without delay, he notified the authorities, prompting a hazmat team to conduct an investigation at his residence in Florida.

Reports of the incident emerged in the evening following the sighting of several trucks outside his Jupiter residence. According to The Daily Beast, an individual acquainted with the situation mentioned that although the substance’s test results were inconclusive, authorities assessed it as non-lethal and harmless. Speaking anonymously, the source also revealed that the letter contained a threat against the son of the presidential candidate.

Specialists suggest that sending letters containing such substances is a tactic aimed at intimidating the recipient, reminiscent of the series of anthrax attacks in the United States during the early 2000s, which resulted in numerous fatalities.

At the time when the news organization published its initial coverage of the incident, Donald Trump Jr. was using his social media platforms to promote an upcoming interview with Rumble. The son of the former president has been actively involved in campaigning alongside the presidential candidate to bolster his bid for the 2024 presidential election.

After the incident, Donald Trump Jr. spoke with the Daily Caller, expressing his concern that America is facing a perilous period where such occurrences have become all too frequent. He remarked that the media response would have been distinct had the incident involved a prominent Democrat, suggesting a potential disparity in coverage. Additionally, he asserted that such a situation would not be tolerated by anyone and would have dominated news headlines for weeks.

He further commented that the media would have held every Republican politician accountable for the incident and placed blame on them. Donald Trump Jr. also remarked that since the incident involved him, the mainstream media would likely show minimal reaction.