Trump Blasts Biden For Iraq War Gaffes

Kicked While He's DOWN - Biden HUMILIATED


Former President Donald Trump strongly criticized President Joe Biden during a presidential rally on June 30 for making two separate instances of confusion between Ukraine and Iraq. The Republican candidate expressed to the audience that President Biden displayed weakness and highlighted that America’s adversaries are currently in a position of strength.

The initial occurrence of President Biden mistakenly referring to Ukraine as “Iraq” took place at a fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Maryland on June 27. As stated in a White House transcript of his remarks, the president mentioned that prior to the war, it would have been unimaginable for NATO to be united against the attack in Iraq.

During a press interaction outside the White House on June 28, just before his trip to Chicago, President Biden encountered a reporter who asked whether he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was weaker due to the Wagner mutiny against the Kremlin. In response, the President stated that although it was difficult to determine, the reality was that Putin was losing the war “In Iraq” and the war “at home.”

Former President Donald Trump addressed these errors during a Save America rally in South Carolina, expressing his concern over the fact that an individual with such significant incompetence represents the United States on the global stage. Trump asserted that this is particularly dangerous considering the power some world leaders hold, while President Biden lacks it. He specifically pointed out President Biden’s statement about Russia losing the war to Iraq as the most glaring example, concluding that there must be something wrong with President Biden.

After these errors, the issue of President Biden’s age and mental well-being gained renewed attention, with certain media sources emphasizing that it can no longer be disregarded. The President has also raised concerns due to instances of stumbling during public appearances, including the incident at the Air Force Academy on June 1. In fact, notable Democratic figures like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have acknowledged that voters have a legitimate reason to feel concerned given the President’s age being a relevant factor.