Triggered Toddlers Terrorize Police Officers In Viral Video


A shocking video of a young youngster striking a Minnesota police officer who was there to arrest a murder suspect has surfaced. The child can be heard calling the officer a “b—h” and ordering his colleague to “shut the f-k up!” ”

The Alpha News video was shot last week in St. Paul, which experienced major riots following the nearby police killing of George Floyd and the manslaughter of driver Daunte Wright.

Standing in the street with a smaller youngster in a diaper behind him, the little child seemed to be no more than a couple years old and was just wearing underpants.

Then, as he approached one of them, he said, “Shut up, b—h.”

“Shut the f-ck up!” The child then yells at the second cop, who was sporting an ATF vest, informing him that his work boots look like church shoes.

In the 30-second video, the child strikes one of the police at least three more times while the officers, who remained calm throughout, begin to back away.

One onlooker can be heard cheering the kids and yelling that one of the police was an Oreo head—a term that denotes a black person impersonating white—while simultaneously calling the officer out.

The two minutes of video, during which the youngsters also flung rocks at the police, included more than just the 30-second segment.

Without going into further detail, the independent Minnesota news source said that it was captured on camera as police attempted to carry out a search warrant for a murder suspect.

She described the raging riots that followed Floyd’s slaying in Minneapolis and Wright’s shooting in Brooklyn Center as “eerily similar to the behaviors of rioters who burned and looted Minneapolis two years ago.”

The distressing video was released only a few weeks after the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the Twin Cities’ residents are experiencing waves of dread and terror due to a huge increase in crime following the uprisings.