Trans Male Student Brutally Beats Defenseless Girl at Woke Oregon Middle School

Defenseless Girl Viciously ATTACKED by Trans Male Student! (VIDEO)


In Tualatin, Oregon, Riley Gaines, a champion swimmer and advocate for women’s rights, revealed a video on Thursday. The video depicted a distressing incident in which a transgender male student assaulted a vulnerable girl at Hazlebrook Middle School. Shockingly, instead of helping the victim, some fellow students chose to record the assault. This disturbing incident took place last week in Tualatin, a suburban area situated in the southwest of Portland.

The video captures the moment when the transgender student approached the girl from behind and forcefully pushed her to the ground. Subsequently, he proceeded to grab her by the hair and struck her multiple times in the head and shoulders. Throughout the disturbing incident, he can be heard uttering offensive language, saying, “that’s what you get b*tch,” before delivering the final blow.

After the assault, the girl retrieved her purse and struggled to stand up. She faced a cell phone camera, tearfully saying, “He hit me, he hit me.” It is notable that none of the students in the vicinity offered any assistance, raising suspicions for Gaines that the entire assault might have been premeditated.

Gaines also disclosed that the troubled student had previously assaulted two other girls. She strongly advocated for legal action against the school board, suggesting that they should face significant legal consequences.

The situation takes an even more concerning turn. The Tigard-Tualatin School District, encompassing Hazlebrook Middle School, follows a controversial policy permitting both male and female students to use the same bathrooms. This policy has drawn parallels to a disturbing incident in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a transgender student, biologically male, sexually assaulted two female students in a girls’ bathroom. Shockingly, these incidents were allegedly covered up by Loudoun County Schools.

Furthermore, the Tualatin Police Department has acknowledged awareness of the brutal attack but has refrained from providing additional comments on the matter.