Tim Scott Says Biden is an Embarrassment for the Country

He Absolutely DESTROYED Biden - It Was Brutal!


On September 11, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, who is also running for the presidency, strongly criticized President Joe Biden, characterizing his actions as a source of embarrassment for the United States. Scott specifically mentioned a press conference held in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, where the president displayed behaviors that were widely regarded as unusual by numerous news organizations.

In an interview with Fox News, Scott asserted that the events witnessed during that press conference unmistakably indicate that not all of the president’s cognitive processes are functioning properly. The Republican figure was commenting on a video in which President Biden concluded the press conference by loudly informing a journalist that he was retiring for the night.

The presidential candidate representing the GOP expressed that his primary remark pertained to the observation that President Biden’s cognitive processes were operating at an inadequate pace, attributing his inability to fulfill his responsibilities to his lack of competence. Scott further informed Smith that while the president’s actions during the press conference were indeed embarrassing, this was not an isolated incident.

The senator elaborated on how Americans have been discussing President Biden’s apparent stumbling, citing examples such as his gum-chewing habits and manner of walking. He went on to emphasize that the United States requires a president who is thoroughly prepared to serve not only as the chief executive but also as the commander in chief. The presidential candidate also underscored the importance of having the necessary energy to fulfill the role.

In response to whether he could fill this role, Scott concurred, affirming that once he secures victory in the 2024 presidential election, he will be a president who delivers results for all Americans.